This is a proposal I designed to pitch our talent to Pharrell for his first annual SOMETHING IN THE WATER festival in Virginia Beach, VA. I borrowed the design style from the SITW website to showcase the speakers that we felt would be a good fit for the festival. Each picture was hyperlinked to their profile on the WSB website, where the SITW staff could learn more about the speaker.
United States Women's National Team Players Association
I had the pleasure of working with USWNT player Kelley O'Hara to design a video and social media graphics to raise awareness for the USWNT players union. The video was shared on Instagram by Kelley, Alex Morgan, Carli Lloyd, Julie Ertz and many more in front of over 9.5 million followers. Shortly after the campaign, Luna Bar donated $718,000 to close the pay gap between the women's and men's bonuses. It was a pleasure to work on a campaign that made such a huge impact.
DC Neighborhood Map
This design is my personal take on the neighborhoods that make up the District of Columbia. I had seen a lot of different designs that separated the different areas of DC in a lot of different ways and this was my "clean graffiti" concept of depicting the same concept.
NCLL Playoffs
I was contacted to design social media and web graphics for the National College Lacrosse League's Instagram and website. These are some of the final graphics we went with for championship weekend!
1317 Mass Ave March Madness
This year for March Madness I designed a custom logo and brackets for my roommates and me to compete in our annual bracket challenge. Unfortunately, a custom logo wasn't enough for me to win big this year.
I had the pleasure of designing app interfaces for the company running the technology for Beautycon 2019. The attendees would use an app and RFID technology to check into Beautycon, making appointments and picking up products.
¡Lucha Librew!
This was my final project for a Package Design class I took in college. The assignment was to design and print a 6 pack of your choice. I chose to develop a brand of beer around the theme of luchador wrestlers, with each label resembling a famous luchador and the color of the mask pertaining to the flavor of beer.
Alpine Supply Co.
Alpine Supply Co. was my Senior Capstone project as a Digital Communications major at Lebanon Valley College. We had to develop a concept and implement all of the elements of starting a business. My group came up with an outdoor lifestyle brand centered around our feature product, the Hemlock Pack. The Hemlock Pack was a cooler backpack that combined the cooling capabilities of an outdoor cooler with the sleek design of a modern backpack. We designed a website, all branding elements, t-shirts, stickers, and the Hemlock Pack. We sold out of all products and won 1st Place at LVC Inquiry Week, where established professionals from the design, marketing, and engineering industries voted on all the projects presented by the students.
Philly Dilly Tattoo
My roommate is a huge Philadelphia Eagles fan and wanted to commemorate their historic Super Bowl win by getting a tattoo and he asked me to make a design to represent Philadelphia and their win. I came up with this design that includes the city skyline and the famous Rocky Balboa statue hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. Now, my roommate has my design on his body for the rest of his life.
Lil Peep
The polarizing figure known as Lil Peep blurred the lines between rap, art, fashion, and punk. He was commonly referred to as a genre-bending artist because his sound was so unique it was hard to put him into a typical musical classification, which is why I think I gravitated towards him so much. After his sudden passing, I wanted to try my hand at designing portraits in Illustrator and this was my result.
Spectral Atlas
This was designed for a company starting a subsidiary that wanted a logo centered around its parent company's logo. The atlas was an addition to the globe design that exists for the parent company.
Governor Hogan Creative
From the likes of banner ads, web graphics, and social media graphics, doing creative work for Governor Hogan was always my favorite. As most people know, we Marylanders love our flag, and incorporating the Maryland flag into the Governer's designs was always fun. Here are some of my favorites!
Scotch & Cigars
This poster design was made in Photoshop for the American Association of Political Consultants for their annual Scotch & Cigars event in Washington, D.C.
Crosse Out Cancer
My Junior and Senior year I was the Coordinator for our annual Crosse Out Cancer game in which we would play a game wearing custom jerseys, sell merchandise to raise money and awareness for the American Cancer Society every year. I had to organize the event, design t-shirts, uniforms, stickers, magnets, bracelets and promote the event on social media. It was an honor to be in charge of this event two years in a row and raise over $15,000 for the American Cancer Society utilizing my designs.
Stanley Cup Champs
Living in DC, it's hard not to be a Capitals fan and when they won the Stanley Cup this past year, I wanted to lend a hand in cementing their place in history. I designed this logo in Photoshop by cropping letters and parts of letters from the original logo to spell out "Champions."
Project Terratops
Project Terrartops was a green roof project my friends and I started at Lebanon Valley College. I design the logo, presentation, blueprints, and collateral for a presentation to the President of the school and some other staff. We built the garden on the roof of one of the commons buildings and grew produce for the school cafeteria to use in the meals, as well as help with the insulation of the building. The thought behind the logo came from the similarity between "terratops" and "triceratops." So, I developed this geo-style triceratops logo with the top half being green to represent the greenroof.
LVC Men's Basketball Poster
During my time as Athletics Communications Assistant in the Marketing Department for Lebanon Valley College, I designed a ton of content for various social media platforms and marketing collateral including this poster for the Men's Basketball team.
Math Tutor Toby
This is a logo I designed in Illustrator for a client that goes by Math Tutor Toby. In addition to designing her logo, I designed her website which she plans to go live with sometime in the near future.
Ireland Poster
With one of my middle names being Fallon and my somewhat existent facial hair being orange, it's clear that my family is of Irish descent. I wanted to give my dad a gift that was a modern take on our Irish blood, so I developed this design in Illustrator with a beer tap filling a pint glass that makes the skyline of Dublin in different liquor bottles.
Lightening Bug
This project consisted of choosing something from nature and selling it as a commercial product. I chose to design a "natural nightlight" that was a jar full of lightning bugs for children to use as a nightlight.
Young Boozer Parody Logo
In my spare time, I designed a logo for Young Boozer, a potential candidate for Lieutenant Governor in Alabama, that was based on the Pabst Blue Ribbon logo. The thought came from the Alabama flag resembling the background of the PBR logo and the candidate's last name being "Boozer."
Smith Wedding Geofilter
My cousin and his beautiful wife got married last summer and I thought a good way to commemorate their special day would be to design them a custom Snapchat filter that was geofenced around the property they got married on. The artwork was inspired by their wedding invitations.
I was tasked with creating a poster for an art show an artist would be hosting. I chose the artist Jeff Hardy and implemented elements of his art on the poster. He's known for his vibrant, abstract style and I designed custom logos and contrasting colors to portray that.
Chestertown Geofilter
When Snapchat filters became the new craze, I knew my hometown of Chestertown, Maryland would be lagging far behind in doing something as modern as designing a custom geofilter. So, I wanted to combine the modernity of what a Snapchat filter was with an element representative of Chestertown and came up with this crab design. Snapchat approved the filter in 2015 and you can use it within the boundaries of Chestertown to this day!